Data Engineer Intern

Job description

About us

Dashmote is an AI technology scale-up headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We connect the offline and online worlds by decoding the digital footprint of locations, allowing companies in the F&B industry to understand the on-trade market and make smarter and data-driven decisions. Today, our company has offices in Amsterdam, Shanghai, Vienna, and New York. Over the past few years, our teams have solved a wide variety of cases, such as analyzing beer drinking and hairstyle trends by utilizing our Visual Recognition Tools, as well as identifying prospective leads by generating intelligence dashboards.

Role Description

  • Gather and process raw data at scale (including writing scripts, web scraping, scrapy, anti-spider skill, write SQL queries, etc.).

  • Process unstructured data into a form suitable for analysis.

  • Monitoring performance and advising any necessary infrastructure changes.

  • Testing and validation in order to support the accuracy of data transformations

  • Collaborate closely with teammates to ensure consistency and maximize use of data

Next to jobs described above we offer the opportunity to develop your area of interests and we’ll assign work to support your personal development within that area.

Job requirements

Job requirements

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related subject.

  • Proficiency with Python.

  • Familiar with techniques and tools for crawling, extracting and processing data (e.g. Scrapy, pandas, SQL, BeautifulSoup, etc).

  • Knowledge of commonly used anti-crawling methods.

  • Experience with SQL and NoSQL technologies.

  • Proficient in English.

  • Availability 4+ days per week.

  • Critical thinking: ability to track down complex data and engineering issues, evaluate different algorithmic approaches, and analyze data to solve problems.

  • Self-starter: ability to rapidly learn and apply new technologies as warranted by projects.

  • Team oriented

Compensation: 200 Yuan per worked day.

Based in Shanghai.