DevOps Engineer 开发运维工程师

Job description


作为一开发运维工程师,您将负责产品工程的开发运维,尤其是我们的数据管道、机器学习模型和Web应用程序的 CI/CD 自动化。您将负责架构和系统的管理与安全,包括部署和维护运行Dashmote数据管道和应用的服务器、存储系统以及其它资源。


Role Description

As a DevOps Engineer, you will be responsible for Dashmote's release engineering especially CI/CD automation for our data pipelines, ML models, and web applications. You will also work on infrastructure management, system administration, and security, including deploying and maintaining the virtual instances, storage, and other resources to host Dashmote’s data pipelines and applications.


The Engineering team consists of Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Software Engineers and Data Analysts collaborating together from cities like Amsterdam and Shanghai (or currently from home). Dashmote’s main goal is to provide a fully automated data & analytics solution for clients to help them to win more business on a global scale.



1 参与开发运维自动化的流程和工具的设计、实施和问题解决,例如Python utility、GitHub Action工作流和Terraform模块等;

2 设计和构建支持Dashmote开发团队所需的DevOps工具和架构;

3 通过团队内部的代码复核或者演示培训等方式分享DevOps的相关知识及经验;

4 在团队内倡导对DevOps的重视,指导支持开发团队进行CI/CD实践以及对工具和架构的正确使用。帮助团队构建良好的DevOps习惯,推进DevOps所需的组织改革。

5 支持AWS服务的系统管理;

6 对当前的自动化流程/工具进行评估。


Main Responsibilities

1 Participate in designing, implementation, and troubleshooting of our DevOps automation processes/tools, e.g. Python utilities, Github Action workflows, and Terraform modules.

2 Design and build the required infrastructure to support the team’s production jobs and development initiatives.

3 Share knowledge through code review, presenting and training. 

4 DevOps advocacy. Guide and support the development team on CI/CD practices, and proper use of infrastructure. Help the team to shift to a DevOps culture.

5 Support system administration of AWS services.

6 Benchmark the automation processes/tools. 

Job requirements


1 计算机科学、工程学或相关领域的本科及以上的学历;

2 至少2-5年开发运维工程或系统工程师的相关经验;

3 具有Python、AWS和Docker的实践经验;

4 对AWS服务有深刻的理解;

5 具有对DevOps环境有广泛经验,熟练使用常见CI/CD工具;

6 具有Spark和Airflow实操经验者优先;

7 具有AWS Athen和AWS Glue知识者优先;

8 对系统运营、网络架构、故障排除和代码调试等有深刻理解;

9 能够全职工作;

10 主要技能:AWS, Python, Terraform, Jenkins, Github Actions, Distributed Systems, CI/CD, Docker, Linux.


Your Background:

1 Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or similar field.

2 Minimum of 2-5 years’ relevant DevOps Engineering or System Engineering experience.

3 Experience with Python, AWS, and container technologies (Docker).

4 Good understanding of AWS services.

5 Extensive experiences of DevOps environments with CI/CD tools (e.g. Jenkins, TravisCI, etc.) and infrastructure as code (e.g. Cloudformation, Terraform, etc.);

6 Work experience of spark and Airflow strongly preferred

7 Knowledge of AWS Athena and AWS Glue is a big plus

8 Good understanding of operating systems, networking, troubleshooting and debugging codes.

9 Full-time availability

10 Tech stack preferred: AWS, Python, Terraform, Jenkins, Github Actions, Distributed Systems, CI/CD, Docker, Linux


What’s in it for you:

- Great office location right in the city center of Shanghai

- Unlimited holiday policy

- Referral Bonus

- Exciting work atmosphere with no shortage of fun team events, gatherings, and snacks at the office

- Working within an international team that truly values your contribution

- An awesome culture of responsibility and the freedom to turn your ambition into reality - regardless of your role and level

If this sounds like a match, we would love to hear from you!


About us

Dashmote is a start-up focusing on the next generation of data products powered by AI technology, with offices in Amsterdam (HQ) and Shanghai. We connect the offline and online worlds by decoding the digital footprint of locations, allowing our enterprise clients to understand the market and make smarter decisions.

With about 60 employees, Dashmote has ambitious plans in the upcoming years and therefore we need to make sure that we have the right people in place to put such plans into practice. Do you want to boost your career by contributing to Dashmote’s core product, used by some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies? Then we're looking for you.